Bath Rugby Mouth Guards 2016-2017 Season

25 Apr 2017

As the Rugby season draws to a close soon, it has been good to see so many of the Bath Rugby team wearing their Bath Spa Dentistry Custom Mouthguards throughout the 2016-17 season.

At the start of the season we sent a team to Farleigh House to take impressions of each of the players teeth and gums and produced 2 custom made mouthguards for each of them – one to keep and one spare.

But its not just professional rugby players that we recommend using mouthguards, we urge everyone who is taking part in a sport that involves contact, a stick or ball, or the chance of falling over/off something – that they get a custom made mouth guard.

The expense of a mouth guard outweighs the cost of not wearing one, the cost of repair of even a chipped tooth can work out more expensive than the cost of a custom made mouth guard.

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