Case Study : Veneers

09 Nov 2016

One of Sandra’s patients allowed us to share her story with us.  

She came in to see Sandra as she had some old veneers that she wasn’t happy with how they looked and she wanted a more attractive smile. See below the ‘Before Treatment’ photo.

Sandra discussing some smile photos with her patient

Sandra discussing some smile photos with her patient

The patient already knew what she wanted to have done and brought some images of smiles to show Sandra as reference.
Sandra carried out an examination and explained some of the treatments options available for the patient.  
Sandra explaining treatment options

Sandra explaining treatment options

After discussions the options selected was to replace the old veneers with new ones, tooth coloured fillings and teeth whitening.
The addition of the extra veneers would make her smile look wider.
A wax model was made and shown to the patient so that she could see what the end result would look like.
The first step of the treatment was to remove the old, damaged veneers and to take new impressions.  
Temporary veneers were put in place while the new veneers were being made.  3 weeks later the new veneers were fitted and bonded to her existing teeth.
Photograph showing the patient's smile after treatment

Photograph showing the patient’s smile after treatment

A review appointment after 1 month took place to ensure everything was OK.
The patient said she was very happy and was now thinking about having more cosmetic dentistry treatments on her lower teeth.
If you would like to know more about cosmetic treatments at Bath Spa Dentistry, including veneers, tooth coloured fillings and teeth whitening, get in touch with one of the team today.
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