Cone Beam CT Scans (CBCT)

cone beam ct scans

At Bath Spa Dentistry we have installed a Sirona Orthopos XG3DP in our James Street West practice. This is one of the most advanced CBCT units available in the world giving low dose CBCT as well OPT radiographs. It has the added benefit and attraction that its field view (FOV) can be reduced to low volume 5.0 x 5.5cm, considerably reducing patient dose and focusing on the area of diagnostic value.

CBCT’s from this machine are particularly useful for minor oral surgical procedures such as retained roots, wisdom teeth, cystic investigations and of course assessment for dental implantology showing the inferior dental nerve and mental foramen in the posterior mandible, the maxillary sinuses as well as any other relevant anatomical data. It is also particularly useful for those tricky endodontic retreatments.

Referrals can be arranged either by using our Digital Radiography Referral form or by contacting the practice.


OPT £61.00
Cone Beam CT scan (CBCT) £140.00
CBCT with radiographers report £220.00

All scans include a radiographic report will be sent directly to your practice within a few days of the scan being taken.

Please note: 

The Department of Health has recently published new guidelines for dentists who refer for and report on CBCT scans.  The CQC and GDC both make it clear that dentists need to follow all relevant national guidelines.  These Guidelines have been released by Public Health England (formerly the HPA), which is an executive agency of the Department of Health.

They require any dentist who refers for and/or reports on CBCT scans to undertake a Core Training Curriculum in CBCT Radiography, in addition to the general Radiation Protection training required of all dentists by the GDC.

Please visit our Training Page for details of courses coming up that are relevant for referring dentists.

cone beam ct scans

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