Complaints Procedure

At Bath Spa Dentistry we take all complaints very seriously and try to ensure that all of our patients are happy with the service they have received. If a patient has the need to complain, they will be dealt with courteously and promptly so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The designated people at Bath Spa Dentistry who are responsible for dealing with complaints about any aspect of the services provided are:

Dermot McNulty, Clinical Director and Practice Owner
Shelley Moss, Senior Dental Nurse

Complaints made in Person

If a complaint is made at the reception desk, or to another staff member, the person will be referred to one of the designated people above.

Telephone Complaints

If a complaint is received over the telephone the team member who takes the call will listen to the complaint, make a note of the details of the complaint and pass this information onto one of the designated team as soon as possible.

If one of the designated people is not available to take the call or deal with the matter in person, the person will be informed of this and arrangements will be made for them to be contacted within a reasonable period of time. The option will be given of speaking to the duty dentist if one of the designated team members is not immediately available.

Written Complaints

If a complaint is received in writing, via letter or email, this will be passed on immediately to the Practice Owner

Bath Spa Dentistry will acknowledge all complaint in writing and enclose a copy of this complaints procedure as soon as possible, normally within three working days.

Bath Spa Dentistry will seek to investigate the complaint within ten working days of receipt to give an explanation of the circumstances which led to the complaint and invite the person making the complaint to meet the designated team members at the practice.

Bath Spa Dentistry will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing immediately after completing our investigation.

Detailed records are kept of any complaint received, the process undertaken to resolve this and any associated correspondence.

If the person complaining is not satisfied with the result of our procedure then a complaint may be made in writing to:

The General Dental Council, 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1M 8DQ

Contact Details for Complaints to Bath Spa Dentistry should be made as follows:-

By telephone : 01225 464346
By post : 19a James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT
Via email : or
In person : at Bath Spa Dentistry

All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence pharmacy moved