Dental Implant Procedure

There are three important phases to a dental implant procedure.

Phase 1

We will see you for an initial consultation appointment and discuss your individual requirements. Usually photographs and x-rays are taken at this stage (if required). An outline treatment proposal is then formulated and sent to you prior to a further discussion.

We are able to take further diagnostic tests immediately such as Cone Beam CT to determine the quickest and most accurate diagnosis immediately.

The treatment proposal is discussed and any concerns or fears are addressed. If you are happy to go ahead usually models of the teeth are taken. From these models mock ups of the teeth can be made by our laboratory technician to mimic the shape of the new tooth or teeth to be replaced. This diagnostic stage is of great importance in order to achieve a successful final result.

Phase 2

At this stage implants can be positioned or if indicated bone grafting can take place. If the implants are to be connected immediately to the crowns and bridges, this is also achieved at the same visit. Same day teeth can be completed at this visit.

Phase 3

The implants are uncovered after a suitable healing period and posts or abutments connected Following healing of the gum, impressions are then taken and the final teeth fitted.

These phases are a guideline; each case will be planned on an individual basis.

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