Same Day Teeth

Traditional Dental Implants

Dental implants have been established as the preferred way of replacing both single teeth and entire arches of broken down or failing teeth. Dental implants are truly life changing as they prevent the premature effects of ageing by stopping the ongoing bone shrinkage which follows tooth loss.

At Bath Spa Dentistry we have been using implants to restore and replace full sets of missing teeth for many years.

Get dental implants in one day

It is now possible to provide fixed dental implants in one day, whereby the teeth in the upper and lower jaws are removed and a previously constructed bridge connected to the implants is inserted. This is securely fixed in place.

This system has been commonly termed ‘All-on-4’ or Same Day teeth.

With the advanced techniques using Cone Beam CT and virtual planning it can, in many cases, be possible to provide such treatment without the need for conventional surgical techniques.

What are the differences?

The difference between this and the more conventional approach is that implants towards the back of the mouth in the upper jaw are placed at an angle so as to avoid the sinuses. This means that sinus augmentations and grafting are nearly always avoided. We can use fewer implants than in the conventional staged approach as the implants are angled giving greater stability.

There are significant cost differences between the conventional staged approach and the Same Day Teeth approach. Choosing to get your dental implants in one day really does mean that you can arrive with failing teeth or dentures in the morning and by mid-afternoon leave with a full set of functioning teeth.

Guided Surgery and Cone Beam CT

In this, the implants are placed via a specially constructed guide, in most cases created by stereolithography. The great advantage of guided surgery is that the treatment is minimally invasive. This means that even when there is little bone available, the implants can be placed with extreme accuracy.

Whatever the type of guided surgical technique used, a ‘Cone Beam CT scan’ is required in order to plan the treatment in advance. This provides accurate results with a low radiation dose to the patient. The CBCT scan data is then converted to a three-dimensional virtual model with sophisticated software where we will be able to virtually place the implants. A drill guide is then fabricated based on the virtual implant placement.

Because of this very minimal approach, healing times are very short and in the case of gum supported guides, even stitches are avoided.

During your treatment with us, Alison our Treatment Co-ordinator will be your first contact and will be delighted to help you with any questions or concerns, to arrange appointments and discuss finance options if required.

Please feel free to contact Alison at any time at the practice on 01225 464346 or email.

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