Endodontics or Implants : Study Club

27 Mar 2017

Endodontics or Implants? – When to save a tooth and when to let it go.

Over 30 dentists attended the first Supper and Study Club, hosted by Dermot McNulty with guest speaker Massimo Giovarruscio which took place at the at Bailbrook House Hotel in Bath.

At the first event, Dermot and Massimo discussed and presented their evidence for the decision making process and which factors should be considered for each type of treatment – extraction and implant therapy vs saving the tooth via endodontic therapy.

After the lecture, guests were served a delicious meal, and had the opportunity to relax, meet other dentists and colleagues and also chat to Dermot and Massimo.

The feedback from the event was excellent and the next one is planned for June 20th.

For more details of how to get yourself on the guest list for future events, please contact angela@bathspadentistry.com or complete a Booking Form.

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