Replacement of many teeth / full dental implants

When replacing more than one tooth, the same rules apply as for single teeth. However because the implants can be joined or splinted together with bridges, it is not always necessary to replace each tooth with an individual implant. Guidelines for the upper and lower jaws are slightly different.  Below are some examples of tooth replacement options.

Lower – In the lower jaw, in order to replace all the teeth with a fixed bridge of natural looking teeth, between six and eight implants would be inserted. However, four or even two implants can be used to support a denture which can be fixed or removable. As a general rule, the greater the number of implants placed, the more fixed and natural the teeth will look.

Upper – The bone in the upper jaw is less dense and therefore generally multiple implants are required. In addition the natural teeth are angled outwards and therefore require more support. For a fixed bridge in the upper jaw, between eight and ten implants might be needed. It is unusual to use fewer than four implants to support a denture; these implants can be joined by a bar onto which a denture can be clipped.

Dental Implants before and after


Image 1: X-ray showing missing upper teeth.
Image 2: Lateral x-ray showing lack of bone in upper jaw.
Image 3: Lateral x-ray showing grafted bone in upper jaw.
Image 4: X-ray showing upper and lower replacement teeth consisting of implants with bridgework.

Immediate Replacement of Many Teeth

In the same way that a single tooth can be immediately replaced by an implant and crown, the same is true of many or all the teeth in one jaw. With careful planning a patient can have all their failing teeth removed, multiple implants inserted as previously planned and a temporary bridge attached at the same appointment. Therefore not only are diseased and unsightly teeth removed but they can be replaced and a smile and health restored in one visit.

Same day teeth is one of the most exciting innovations in implant dentistry and really means that we can offer new teeth in one day. - save youtube mp3