I want whiter teeth… what are my options?

03 Mar 2016

If you would like to lighten the the natural colour of your teeth, you may wish to opt for tooth whitening. Although you cannot opt for a complete colour change, you can lighten the existing shade of your teeth.

Teeth can become stained by food and drinks such as curry, tea, black coffee and red wine. Some medications and smoking also cause staining, but our teeth naturally get more discoloured as we get older.

Tooth whitening only affects natural tooth substance so crowns, veneers, dentures and white fillings remain the same after whitening (these can be changed after whitening, but it is advisable to wait a few weeks until after the treatment).

Make sure you know what the procedure involves and ask questions before committing to treatment, for example :-

  • Who will be administering the tooth whitening and what training/experience do they have? (We have over 20 years experience at Bath Spa Dentistry)
  • Why types of tooth whitening are available and what are the pros and cons of the options? (We offer in surgery and home whitening at Bath Spa Dentistry)
  • How much does it cost? (This will vary from treatment to treatment, and
  • What are the risks, will there be any pain/sensitivity (your dentist will discuss this with you once they have assessed you individually)
  • How long before I see results and how long will the treatment last? (This will depend on the treatment you opt for – again your dentist will explain the different options available/suitable for you).

Always consult your *dentist if you are considering tooth whitening as they will need to assess your suitability for treatment. 

*Since October 2012, products containing or releasing more than 0.1% and up to 6% hydrogen peroxide (or other compounds or mixtures that release hydrogen peroxide) must be only be supplied by dental professionals.

If you would like an initial chat, we offer initial no-obligation tooth whitening consultations, where your individual situation will be assessed and a written treatment plan given to you prior to any treatment taking place.

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