Levels of Referral

Many of you are now keen to work more closely with us in the restorative process of your patients’ treatment; also many of you now place implants in your own practices.

We are pleased to provide any level of service requested; some colleagues ask us to undertake the recommended treatment in total, whilst others are confident to carry out the restorative phases themselves. We are also more than happy to carry out more complex procedures such as block bone grafting and sinus augmentation whilst the referrer will subsequently place the implant(s).

With this in mind we are therefore offering different levels of service which leaves both the referring dentist and the patient completely clear of who will be doing what and the costs involved.

Level 1 – Opinion and assessment only

A single appointment to discuss options and costs and may include an OPT or cone beam CBCT scan.

Level 2 – Implant placement only

Implants placed after an assessment and planning; all restorative aspects are carried out by the referring dentist.

Level 3 – Bone grafts and Sinus augmentation

After the augmentation treatment the implant placement is carried out by the referrer.

Level 4 – Full treatment

The patient is referred to us for all phases of treatment including assessment, surgical and restorative phases.

Referrals can be arranged either by using the referral form  or contacting one of our Treatment Coordinators at the practice:

Bath Spa Dentistry

19a James Street West
e: treatmentcoordinator@bathspadentistry.com
t: 01225 464346