Custom Mouth Guards / Bespoke Gum Shields

A custom mouth guard, often referred to as a gum shield is a protective shield that sits over your teeth while you are playing sports. They are also used by “teeth grinders” at night to prevent constant damage to the teeth.

Bath Spa Dentistry offer a custom gum shield service where we take an impression of your of your mouth in order to provide a perfect fitting mouth guard. Bespoke mouth guards provide the most protection and they are the most comfortable to wear.

We will ensure that the process goes seamlessly and you may be surprised to know that in many cases we work out cheaper than some of the higher end DIY kits and we always provide a perfect fitting mouth guard.

Our gum shields are made out of a high tech materials that help to maximise the protection of your teeth.

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Why you should have a mouth guard

At Bath Spa Dentistry, we recommend that you speak to one of the dental team about custom made mouth guards.

The expense of a mouth guard outweighs the cost of not wearing one, the cost of repair of even a chipped tooth can work out more expensive than the cost of a custom made mouth guard – our children’s custom mouth guards actually work out cheaper than the ‘do your own impression’ ones in many cases.

If you consider some of the more major dental repairs resulting from a tooth that is knocked out, the costs can be more than 20 times the cost of a mouth guard.

Consider the cost of how much money is spent on sports kit – a replica sports shirt for a national team can cost more than a mouth guard – we urge everyone who is taking part in a sport that involves contact, a stick or ball, or the chance of falling over/off something – that they get a custom made mouth guard, as part of their essential sports kit.

A Simple, Professional Process

  1. You will be seated in the dental chair, the dentist (or hygienist) will select an impression tray that is suitable for your mouth (there are many different sizes available) and fill it will a special impression material, we use a substance that is called alignate.
  2. Once the alignate sets, it becomes solid, then the tray is removed carefully from the mouth.
  3. Once this process is complete the moulds are sent off to one of our specialist laboratories, where they will fill this with plaster and cast a model of the impression.
  4. Using the plaster model the laboratory technician will design and make the mouth guard in the colours, styles and weight as desired. This is then sent back to the dental surgery, where the dentist will check the design and finish of the guard. Then you will come back in to have the guard fitted and the dentist will adjust it if necessary.
  5. Your mouth guard will be supplied with a case, so that you can keep it safe and reduce the risk of damage in the future. Looked after well, a mouth guard can last several seasons, although we do recommend that you bring it with you when you visit for your routine check-ups, so that we can check wear and tear and fit.

Ask us about our mouth guards, and how you can order one in any design for anyone, you can even have one made to wear if you are having orthodontic treatment.

A comparison of the different Mouth Guard solutions

As you are probably already aware, there are a range of solutions for people who need a gum shield / mouth guard. Some solutions are better than others:-

Boil and bite mouth guards come in standard pre-formed shapes, which are immersed in hot water, then placed in the mouth and bitten down on it sets. These can be purchased easily from sports shops on the high street.

They can be quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear, and because they are standard ‘one size fits all’ during the home customisation process, the guard may become deformed and not actually cover the teeth adequately in the right places. It is likely that this type of guard will not be worn at all due to its uncomfortable fit.

Take your own impressions mouth guards are pre-packed kits which are ordered online. The kit includes standard sized impression trays and a mixing kit for the impression material. You take your own impressions, send back in the post and your mouth guard is posted back to you.

These are better quality than boil and bite mouth guards, easy to order online and available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. As many people will not be experienced in taking impressions, mistakes are likely and if you do make a mistake or don’t send back an adequate impression there will be additional charges incurred.

When the mouth guard is sent back, some adjustments may need to be made to ensure it fits correctly, this will also be at the cost of the buyer.

Custom mouth guards are made individually by professional dental laboratories, specifically for the person who will wear it. A dental professional will take your impression, using high quality materials, a bite tray that is the right size for your mouth, and using their skills and knowledge to ensure a good fit.

A well-designed custom mouth guard is generally considered to be the best type and will provide the highest level of protection. The design can be chosen, not just for the colours, but for the type of sport that is played.

The fit and comfort of a custom mouth guard is better than any other type and should be comfortable and unobtrusive, which means that it is more likely to be worn. While the cost of a custom mouth guard will be more than the cheaper alternatives, the difference in comfort, fit and protection outweigh the cost. Additionally if there are any problems with the fit, the dentist will work with you and the laboratory if necessary to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you would like to enquire about mouthguards, please call 01225 464346 or fill in our contact form.

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