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Bath Life Awards 2016
Finalists Only Offers

Bath Life Awards – Just for Finalists

We are offering anyone who owns or works for one of the Bath Life Awards Finalists companies, some special offers if booked before the Awards Dinner on Thursday 25th February.

Are you happy with your smile, or would you change some things if you knew the options?

Are you happy with your smile?

With cosmetic dentistry procedures becoming even more accessible, many people are considering changing one or several aspects of their smile.

At Bath Spa Dentistry, we know that many people’s lives have been changed by dental procedures, but before you start researching the different treatments on offer, take a step back and ask yourself – what is it that I don’t actually like about my teeth?

Why are winning awards important?

People are more inclined to believe what other people say, when they either hear it from some-one else, or see that a business has been endorsed and recognised by winning an award. This is more important in dentistry, perhaps than many other industries, as people ‘buy’ dentistry and dental treatments based on trust.

I have bleeding gums - what should I do?

I have bleeding gums….. what should I do?

Our mouths are full of bacteria and when the bacteria joins together, it creates plaque (the soft white deposits you can see on your teeth before brushing). The bacteria produces toxins, which are harmful to gums, and also the bones that hold the teeth in place.

The toxins produced cause the gums to become irritated and red, and in turn the gums can bleed. Because the gums are irritated, they become inflamed, which in turn increased the blood supply in the area.

The Bath Spa Dentistry Team

Bath Life Awards – Entry

Here is part of our Bath Life Awards entry……. Why should you win this award? ‘Bath Spa Dentistry is a company that is committed to excellence in patient care, striving […]

The Bath Spa Dentistry Team

Bath Life Awards – Finalists for the 3rd time running

We are excited and delighted to announce that we are Bath Life Awards finalists once again.

We have entered the awards 3 times and have made it to the finals rounds 3 times. We haven’t ever won the award, but we are hopeful that 2016 will be our year.

Dental Implants

Dental implants – truly life transforming

“After years of problems with broken crowns, bridges and a mouthful of plastic, wires, and disgusting glue, my teeth seemed to rule my life and became an embarrassment when eating, and […]

Change your Smile
Change your Life

Dental Implants – will 2016 be your year?

Dental Implants have been around for a while now, and are well established as a treatment of choice for many people they are considered to be the next best thing to […]

Bath Spa - Infographic 15012016 1-7_smile_sparkle copy

How Dental Implants can prevent further tooth loss

57% of adults have lost up to four teeth. Dental Implants are the only reliable permanent solution to replacing missing teeth. The infographic below shows the key reasons why you […]

Bath Rugby Foundation Charity Bike Ride

Dermot’s Charity Quest

In June Dermot will be taking part in a cycling challenge with Bath Rugby Foundation. The Giants Cause Bike Ride is challenging 5 day, 700km bike ride from Cork in […]

Don’t just take our word for it……

This review was worth sharing, from someone who had treatment last year at Bath Spa Dentistry with Dermot.   “I am writing to thank you for the excellent four-tooth implant […]

VELScope Scanner

State of the Art Technology at Bath Spa Dentistry

Over the last few years we have been investing in state of the art dental technology at Bath Spa Dentistry.

Don't put off going to the dentist

Do you keep putting it off to visit you dentist?

At Bath Spa Dentistry, we know there are many reasons why people avoid visiting the dentist, but if you continue to put off your regular check-ups and scale and polish appointments, you may end up with more problems in the future.

Dermot McNulty

Training for dentists

Along with being Owner and Clinical Director at Bath Spa Dentistry, Dermot McNulty is also a teacher and mentor to other dentists.

Since 2007 at Bath Spa Dentistry we have been running dental training courses, from free evening Study Clubs to Implantology Year Programmes – all to help other dentists train for new skills.

Sarah Whitley with baby Edith

Welcome back Sarah

After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl – Edith, in February 2015, Sarah Whitley has returned to work at Bath Spa Dentistry, now that her maternity leave is over.

Dermot McNulty

Bath Spa Dentistry’s Dr Dermot McNulty is featured on a new national implant dentistry patient website called click4teeth.

Five Star Treatment

Your reviews….

As you know we always appreciate your feedback, reviews and testimonials, and now that we all live in a review culture, its never been so important to not only hear what you think about us, but to tell others too.

Team News at Bath Spa Dentistry

An update on all the team news from 2015

Keep calm

Why modern dentistry is different

The basis of all modern dentistry is prevention, elimination of dental decay and gum disease. With more options for treatment and many dental practices offering private treatment, patients have never been in a better position to be looked after for all their dental healthcare needs.

Award for Excellence in Implant & Restorative Dentistry - UK

Award Winning Dentistry

Bath Spa Dentistry are a private dental practice based in the centre of Bath. It is the firm’s dedication to quality care that is the foundation for their success according to Dermot McNulty, who talks us through the firm’s high standards of treatment.