Oral Health Screening


What is Oral Health Screening?

At Bath Spa Dentistry, our oral health screening is carried out in a team based, collaborative way that fully utilises the skills of the people whom look after you.

When you attend the practice for your routine dental examination and hygienist appointments together, you will no longer be asked to change surgeries and wait separately.  During the screening, one of the dentists can come to you so that they can verify the findings of the hygienist and discuss any of your concerns.

What will the screening include?

During the Oral Health Screening appoitment, patients will continue to be screened for decay, gum disease and mouth cancer, including attention to gums, bone, lips, cheeks, tongue, teeth, glands and any restorations. X-rays will be taken if appropriate.

Why is it new?

The Department of Health (DoH) and the General Dental Council have made changes to dental legislation, so it is now possible for us to offer this concept. It is already being practiced in America and Europe and forward thinking practices in the UK have started to adopt this with great success.

 What about other treatment and appointments?

Any recommended follow up treatment is organised and scheduled in the normal way and you will be seen for any additional treatment by one of the hygienists or dentists accordingly, only your preventive screening appointments will be carried out in this way.

 What are the benefits?

Evidence has shown that this way of performing oral health screening improves clinical diagnosis, patient satisfaction and cohesion within the dental practice. Patients scheduled appointment times will be sufficient for a full screening to take place, but also will prevent you waiting in between appointments if either surgery has experienced any delay.

For more information or to speak to someone about your first or next appointment, please contact our reception on 01225 464346.

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