Orthodontic Treatment – Patient Feedback

27 Nov 2017

If you are considering Orthodontic Treatment, we thought you might like to read some feedback from David* who underwent treatment with Jason Hart at Bath Spa Dentistry recently.

What motivated you to undertake your treatment at Bath Spa Dentistry?

I chose to undertake treatment because I had misaligned top teeth, specifically the front ones which had been damaged in a sporting accident. Also, my bottom teeth were extremely crowded. So much so, that as well as being overlapped, they were not level.

I chose Bath Spa Dentistry (local to where I live) after the initial consultation with Jay Hart who explained clearly, exactly how he could have my teeth sorted out using fixed braces and he showed me several photo examples of past patients.

Thinking back to before you had your treatment, how did your dental problem make you feel?

I am aware that prior to treatment my smile was perhaps somewhat suppressed, knowing that from observing photos of myself, that my teeth were nowhere near perfect.

How did you find the process of your treatment at Bath Spa Dentistry?

The process of treatment was very good with an acceptable timeline listed and a plan that suited my schedule of appointments. Jay took detailed photographs at various stages of the treatment and this provided a measure of improvement which gave a real boost to see the improvements in a before/after form month after month. All steps of the treatment were always carefully explained and we found time to have a laugh.

What, if any, effect has your treatment results had on your life?

The treatment of teeth alignment, once complete, gave symmetry to my smile and I decided to augment this with secondary veneers to the front teeth to further the improvement. Once completed, this has given me what I now consider a perfect smile and of course this is a great confidence boost!

Do you have any additional comments?

I found the entire treatment experience easy to deal with and very little trouble whilst wearing the braces/retainers etc. The staff at Bath Spa Dentistry have always been helpful and pleasant throughout. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Bath Spa Dentistry to friends or family.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about orthodontic treatment at Bath Spa Dentistry.

* To protect patient confidentiality we never reveal patients full names.

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