Patient Stories : Margaret

12 Oct 2016

Dermot McNulty

We asked Margaret – What prompted you to undertake dental implant treatment?

I have been coming to Dermot for over 25 years and the last treatment started because I developed an abscess on my front tooth.  I neglected it because I was nursing my ill husband and so by the time Dermot had got to it, a lot of bone damage had been done, so it meant quite a protracted length of treatment to get my implant.

But now that I’ve got my implant I am delighted with it.

We asked Margaret – How did the problem make you feel?

I was in a lot of pain and also the tooth was loose, and I had to wear a denture. I am never going that route again

We asked Margaret – How did you find the process of the treatment?

Dermot was very good at explaining what was going on, what needed to be done, to replace the bone I had lost through neglect of the original abscess. He was generally very good and humoured me all through my complaints about having to wear a dental plate.

We asked Margaret – What affect, if any has your treatment had on your life?

I can eat without a plate in, and I can smile. 

We asked Margaret – Would you recommend Dermot and the team at Bath Spa Dentistry?

I have recommend Dermot to many people and I have been coming to see him for over 25 years, which I think is recommendation enough. I think the whole team is lovely and I am very fond of my hygienist – which is not often said.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

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