Patient Stories : Robert

05 Jul 2016

“My name is Robert and I decided to come to Bath Spa Dentistry after my daughter had been recommended.  At the time she was living in America and she was a world class swimmer and constantly in the spotlight.  

She was unhappy with her dental appearance and I can honestly say that after she came to see Dermot she was delighted and her confidence levels went up and she was able to smile when she was being interviewed.

I spent several years then thinking about coming to for some treatment for myself and it took me a lot to come to the first appointment, because I felt I needed a lot doing, it wasn’t to do with cosmetics, it was to do with the ability to eat with my rear teeth.

I was nervous of the whole process – how long it would take and how painful it might have been.  I didn’t need to be worried about that because having sat down with Dermot, he talked me through what would happen.

We ended up doing some extractions, then some implants and then some crowns, so it was quite extensive.

The work has worked out superbly well and has made a huge difference to my life, in my ability to eat and not worry about the food that I order anymore.

I can definitely recommend Dermot and Bath Spa Dentistry”



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