Patient Stories : Pamela

05 Aug 2016

I came to Bath Spa Dentistry because I dropped my lower teeth and they broke in half and I superglued them together and I knew they wouldn’t last.

I was recommended to Dermot McNulty by my own dentist and he suggested I had dental implants, which I had never heard of before.

I was in a bit of a hurry to get my teeth made up quickly because I knew the superglue wouldn’t last very long.  Dermot made the full set of bottom teeth within 2 or 3 weeks, which are perfect.

I never felt any pain, no discomfort at all, and I wished I had known about implants many many years ago – maybe 30 or 40 years ago.

Before I had my dental implants I really couldn’t or wouldn’t eat out.  I had problems with my lower teeth moving and I have actually had them come out when I bit into a sandwich one day. I was so embarrassed by the situation I thought I must do something and luckily the implants have been absolutely marvellous and they fit tightly. They really fit absolutely tightly no problems at all, I have never ever had any problems, never been uncomfortable. They are absolutely marvellous.

The process was unbelievably easy, I was never uncomfortable in any way, I felt nothing at all, I could hear what was going on, I never had any discomfort at all, not during the treatment or after the treatment.

Since my implants its been brilliant.  I can attend any social event, go to any occasion, eat anything. Its just marvellous.

I do recommend Bath Spa Dentistry to al my family and friends, everyone, everyone I know, because people do not believe I have false teeth – implants.

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