What is Six Month Smiles?

Have you ever thought of having orthodontic treatment but been put off by the thought of wearing metal train tracks for years? Are you looking for “fast braces”? For some people conventional long term specialist orthodontics may be the best solution but for those people looking for an improvement to their smile short term cosmetic orthodontics can deliver stunning results. Jason Hart has been using Six Month Smiles since they were introduced to the UK, some of the fantastic results can be seen below and in the gallery. The Six Month Smiles technique can reduce the completion time of orthodontic treatments from 2 years to as little as 4 months by treating the patients smile not their bite. By utilising the latest wires and brackets the unique Six Month Smiles braces can give you an aesthetically pleasing smile in a fraction of the time that it would normally take.

Do I need to wear metal train track braces?
No. With the Six Month Smiles braces the wires are white (tooth – coloured) brackets are clear and making them barely visible. People will notice if they are stood close to you but from a distance they won’t even tell that you are wearing braces.
How does Six Month Smiles work?
The system utilises special nickel-titanium wires and composite brackets to move your teeth using constant gentle forces. Once your braces have been fitted you will need to come back to the practice every few weeks for short appointments for minor adjustments. In Jason’s hands the system is much quicker than conventional orthodontic treatment or the equivalent treatment with removable invisible aligners. Like any orthodontic treatment, for the first few days it will feel uncomfortable as you become acclimatised.
Will the Six Month Smiles system affect my speech?
As with any kind of orthodontic treatment your speech may be affected and you may produce more saliva, but after the first 7-10 days everything should be back to normal.
Does this system treat all orthodontic problems in six months?
The Six Month Smiles system is not suitable for everyone and Jason will be able to give you a free consultation in order to determine if this is for you. That being said most cases that are suitable for this treatment are completed within six months, some may take as little as six weeks and some more complex cases may take considerably longer.

Case Study 1 ( Six Month Smile Before and After )

6monthsm-cs1 This above patient came to see Jason because she was unhappy with her smile and felt her teeth were moving and disliked her ‘fang’ tooth. By placing upper and lower braces on her teeth Jason was able to cosmetically level and align her teeth in six months. She was delighted with the final result.

Case Study 2 ( Six Month Smile Before and After )

6monthsm-cs2 The patient above is 60 year old woman and she was unhappy with her old worn teeth, she had had extensive dental treatment over the years. Jason decided to remove the old tooth coloured caps and use upper and lower braces to level and align the teeth. Once the teeth were aligned Jason was able to use tooth coloured composite bonding techniques to give the teeth back shape and function.

If you would like to find out more about Six Months Smiles or any other orthodontic treatment – please contact Joanna our Treatment Co-ordinator on 01225 464346 or 

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