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“I didn’t ‘love’ the experience of a having a tooth extracted (who does?) but as a very nervous patient, facing a significant amount of dental work and over a prolonged period, all staff at the practice are kind and patient and have made me feel at ease and confident at every stage, even from the initial phone call.

Procedures are explained thoroughly, pricing is clear and staggered, so that you only pay for each stage of treatment and the treatment itself you receive is fantastic – pain free – genuinely making you feel and look better.”



“I found that all of the treatment was fully explained and I knew exactly what to expect from the onset. I decided to later register with Bath Spa Dentistry as I fully trust Dermot and found it particularly reassuring that he is such a perfectionist. I also felt secure in the knowledge that Dermot would be fair with his costing, and I believe he was.

The practice hosts a great and friendly team. I was very happy with the professionalism of the staff, and the level of service provided was outstanding.

The treatment hasn’t changed my overall aesthetic appearance as the treatment was carried out at the back of my mouth; however it has changed my life in the sense that I now have functioning posterior teeth, and can now enjoy all of my favourite foods once again!

I would highly recommend Dermot/Bath Spa Dentistry to anyone seeking dental treatment.”

Mrs Fleming

“Before I had my dental implants, I had lost a lot of confidence in myself. I was very quiet in social situations as I was very conscious of my loose denture falling out; it also affected my speech which gave me a slight complex. I would always steer clear of buffet foods in social situations in case my denture ended up on my plate.

My new implant retained denture has definitely improved my confidence and changed my life for the better. The stability has improved the comfort and ability to eat and enjoy a wider range of food, as the denture is no longer a concern to me. The only downside is I have gained some weight!!

I could not fault any of my treatment carried out at Bath Spa Dentistry. Dermot was true to his word; the work was completed very quickly and has been perfect. I am delighted with the treatment”.

Pamela L


“I have been very happy with the treatment. I always feel that the team was competent and meticulous. Everything was explained clearly and attention paid to my comfort during the process. I am very happy with the outcome and can now enjoy food as much as I did before I lost the bridge.”

Ann C

“I can say with complete confidence that I would have no reservation in recommending Bath Spa Dentistry to family or friends. I recently had implant treatment at the surgery and I was impressed both by the professionalism and caring attention I received from Mr McNulty and his team.”

Michael T

“I am part way through a course of dentistry including 4 implants and some extractions. Despite the need for cutting and drilling I can say the treatment to date has been almost painless.

In addition attending the dentist has been as pleasant as it could possibly be as all the staff and Dermot exude a friendly and caring attitude which I am sure must assist those who feel stress at the mere thought of a visit.

One may enter without abandoning hope (of a pain free treatment)”

Smilingly Yours 

Paul H

“After years of problems with broken crowns, bridges and a mouthful of plastic, wires, and disgusting glue, my teeth seemed to rule my life and became an embarrassment when eating, and it was a depressing situation for me. So when my dentist suggested that I made an appointment at the Bath Spa Dentistry to see if anything could be done which would improve my quality of life (and eating!) I telephoned them. I was very apprehensive when I first walked through the door, as I was aware that having implants  would be a lengthy and expensive process, but from that moment on I was met with only immense courtesy and reassurance, and relatively pain free. 

All the nurses and girls at reception were really friendly and allayed my initial fears, so much so that I actually looked forward to my subsequent appointments ! I can only say that my life is now completely transformed.

I have a mouth full of beautiful, gleaming teeth, and so comfortable that I am unaware that they are implants. I would like to thank the amazing Dermot and all his staff for  truly transforming my life.”  Susan

“Dermot and his team are the most professional you will find. Cannot recommend them enough” 5 star review from Facebook (James)

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent four-tooth implant procedure that you have recently completed for me. I am delighted with the results, which has made a real difference to me including, not least, my ability to eat properly once again! 

The complicated procedure that included sinus lift, bone augmentation, rotated tissue grafts followed by the placement of three implants supporting four new teeth was carried out in an extremely competent and professional way. 

When carrying out such a complicated procedure it is important that the Dentist has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrive at excellent conclusion – you certainly more than exceeded all these requirements. Thank you also for the attentive and friendly support of all your staff”

Dennis B

“I had a very traumatic dental experience which required significant treatment and a friend recommended I visit Bath Spa Dentistry for a consultation. The whole team were professional, and made me feel very welcome and relaxed.  I was treated as an individual, not just a client who they wanted through the door. They took the time to understand what my concerns were, and to answer all my questions.

I was very anxious as it was clear the treatment I needed would be complicated and quite extensive (bone grafts and implants), however it was immediately apparent that Dermot was an very experienced clinician, and that I would be in safe hands. I felt at ease discussing my case, Dermot took time to ensure I understood exactly what my options were, and what each involved. I knew immediately that I was in the right place. I was very happy with Dermot’s level of care and expertise, and also impressed with the state of the art technology used at this practice.

The treatment was clearly explained from the outset, and I was provided with a really detailed plan, which I again was able to discuss in depth. I received calls from staff following each stage of my treatment to ensure I was ok which made me feel very cared for. The communication from the practice has been great throughout and nothing has been too much trouble – there is always someone helpful and willing to answer any of the queries that I had.

Before seeing Dermot I had treatment which left me with a smile that I was never cosmetically satisfied with, Dermot and his team have given me back my confidence!! Quite recently a colleague of mine commented on how beautiful and natural my teeth look; this to me shows the quality and good level of work that is carried out at Bath Spa Dentistry. I feel proud of my smile and I would never go anywhere else for my dental treatment.

Their approach makes the service personal to me, and I feel Dermot and his team were determined to ensure I had the very best outcome possible, and he has achieved more than I could have hoped for. I have already recommended Dermot and my friends have been equally delighted – I would definitely recommend Bath Spa Dentistry to anyone – however complicated your case”

T C, Bath

“Just a note to say thank you for the fantastic treatment you have carried out recently. At each step of the way you kept me fully informed the team made the experience very positive. In addition, the follow up telephone calls, following treatment, were very much appreciated. The result has been that you have delivered exactly what you promised at the outset. I am very pleased with the final outcome which has definitely given me back my dental confidence!”

Denise C

“I am pleased to tell you that my tooth that you recently root filled and ‘covered’ is absolutely fine and has caused no discomfort at all. Many thanks for all your work.” 

Tessa L

“Having not been to the dentist for a number of years, I was apprehensive about the dental work that I would need to have. You quickly put me at ease with your calm, confident manner and clear explanations. I was very pleased with the work that was carried out and the care and attention I received.”

Anthony T

“Just to say a big thank you. It was a big decision for me to make and I now wish I had done it a long time ago. Through out my consultation you listened to why I wanted dental treatment done and what I wanted my goal to be in the end. You made me feel very calm relaxed and at ease throughout all my treatment, talking me all the way through the procedures. The work carried out was first class and it makes me feel very different and happy.”

Margaret P

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