Titanium Group

The Bath Spa Dentistry Titanium Group was established in 2017, to bring together dental professionals who have been closely associated with Bath Spa Dentistry over the previous years. The aim is to offer special events, offers and discounts only to dentists in that are part of the group.

Membership of the Bath Spa Dentistry ‘Titanium Group’ is by invitation only and at the discretion of Dermot McNulty and based on whether a dentist or dental professional has met the desired set of criteria.

For more information visit the Titanium Group page.

Membership Criteria:

  • Referred 5 or more implant cases in one calendar year
  • Referred 10 or more CBCT scans in one calendar year
  • Attended an Implantology Year Programme since 2014
  • Attended 12 or more Education Events since 2014

Or in some circumstances a dentist may be personally invited to become a member of the group.

Special Events:

Throughout the year Titanium Group members will be exclusively invited to a number of VIP events including:-

  • Hospitality at Bath Rugby
  • Wine Tasting Evenings
  • Supplier Visits followed by Supper
  • ‘An Audience With’ Evenings

In addition Titanium Group Members will be eligible for discounts on training courses and be eligible for some free team training events.

For more information:

Please contact Angela MacAusland 07760 191251 or angela@bathspadentistry.com