White Fillings

For many years fillings have been made out amalgam, which is silver-grey in appearance. It is a strong and long lasting material but a lot of people find the colour unattractive and some are concerned about possible health risks. We personally believe that mercury, traditionally used for filling teeth, is unnecessary in modern dentistry and as such do not use metal amalgams at Bath Spa Dentistry.

White fillings or ‘composite resin restorations’ are bonded to the teeth. The fillings are therefore invisible eliminating the blue stain common in metal fillings. These white fillings can be built up in layers or made in ceramic or hardened composite.  The composite resin can also be used to cover unsightly marks on teeth or build up areas of chipped tooth.

Please talk to us if you have any concerns about the safety of amalgam or any worries you have about its removal as we take steps to ensure minimum risk.

For more information or to speak to someone about white fillings, please contact our reception on 01225 464346.

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